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Marineland is the nation’s leading manufacturer of
refrigerated live seafood systems and lobster tanks —
the first choice of upscale supermarkets, specialty
seafood shops and premier restaurants.
Every system is designed to hold a wide variety of
seafood —lobsters, crabs or various fin fish —under
precisely controlled conditions. Our display models hold
30 to 300 pounds of product, while our modular holding
systems accommodate from 500 to more than 1,000
Whatever your special needs, Marineland has the ideal
system — from traditional freestanding rectangular
models, to contemporary curved glass case‐line designs, DAY ONE SETUP, DAY ONE PROFITABILITY.
to custom specialty environments.
And after your system is set up, our customer service
representatives and in‐field service technicians are
available to keep you up and running.
Precultured, ready to install BIO‐Wheels can be
shipped direct to you from our BIO‐Farm facility,
making it possible to fully load you Marineland Live
Seafood system with product immediately. No down
time, no break‐in period. Imagine a Grand Opening
with A holding system full of healthy, active lobsters!
Marineland makes it a reality.