RO RO/DI Systems


AquaFX builds each reverse osmosis water purifier unit by hand. This enables us to build your RO or RO/DI unit to your specifications; even our standard units are built to order. Our attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and years of experience come though with each unit. Our staff consists of engineers, digital media folks, students and more.

AquaFX, a division of Aqua Engineering & Equipment, Inc. has been a recognized leader in the production of high quality reverse osmosis and deionization (RO/DI) units for over a decade!

Reverse Osmosis units manufactured by AquaFX are seen in many industries in need for high end water filters including bio-technology, Hospitals, Universities, Autoclave steam sterilizers, and Hydroponics to name a few. We are very proud and continuously strive to achieve the best in customer service and technology.

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Build Your Own RO System

Step 1) Select a Sediment filter setup: This will act to remove sediment, precipitated Iron and other medium to fine particulate matter. Something to Consider: A sediment filter will actually become more efficient as it becomes dirtier, to this end AquaFX highly recommends a 1 micron sediment filter. As a 1 Micron Sediment will capture the finest of particles but will not become clogged prematurely leading to undesired pressure drops, as can be seen with sub micron sediment filters (like a .5 mic). Fine particles need to be eliminated as when sediment breaks through it can affect the performance of both the Carbon Block and the RO membrane, always leading to undesired system performance. A 5 micron can be used in areas where sediment is not very fine or of a large concern. Only choose the .5 Micron if you know you water supply has lots of extremely small sediment in it. In Areas with extremely heavy Sediment (like a Well system or in certain parts of the Country) a dual sediment setup is recommended, with either a 5 then a a1 mic setup or a pleated washable filter followed by a standard poly blown 1 micron Sediment.